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Eastwing Products Ltd is a full service mechanical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and electrical contractor. We design, install and service many types of home comfort systems tailored to

your needs; air source heat pumps, ventilation, filtration, air conditioning, infloor heat, electric
thermal storage, ductless heat pumps and retro fit. 

We are a professional home comfort contractor.  Our reputation can be substantiated through many of our award winning home building clients.

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The Eastwing Promise:
We will work with you to find the best system for your needs, and because we support everything we sell and install, we we'll always be there for you.

Saving you money and helping the environment:
We've been adding value to homes and keeping families comfortable since 2002.

Your Energy Consultant
The backup heat part of the heat pump can be oil, electric, gas, or propane; helping homeowners customize their energy requirements.

A - Humidity Controls: 
Improves comfort and efficiency by increasing or decreasing humidity; humidifiers also covered by a limited warranty.

B - Air Cleaner: 
Keeps the air fresher and cleaner by reducing indoor pollutants, from dust and smoke to spores and bacteria.

C - Thermostat System:
Lets you digitally program indoor temperatures and humidity to increase personal comfort efficiency.

F - Evaporator/Indoor Coils:
Improves overall performance because it works best with matched heating and cooling systems.

G - UV Lights: 
Help keep the airflow free of unhealthy microbe growth and the coils clean for the top efficiency and comfort.

Each component of a home comfort system is reliable, durable and built to last. When the outdoor unit is matched in size and SEER rating with the indoor unit, you can enjoy the highest system efficiency possible.