Answering your Frequently Asked Questions about Heat Pumps

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a unit that’s used to transfer air through cooling refrigerant. Warm air goes in, cold air comes out. An outdoor unit and indoor ducts in your home work together to create a comfortable climate for your home.

How can a heat pump obtain heat from cold winter air?

Though it may sound strange, but there’s heat in all outdoor air, even in the deep, Canadian winter. Heat pumps transfer heat energy around. In the summertime, it takes the heat out of your home and replaces it with cool air. In the winter, it pulls air from the outside, uses electricity to increase the temperature, and then releases the air into your home. Even better, even during a freezing Canadian winter, heat pumps are still reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money compared to other HVAC home heating systems.

Can heat pumps be installed in existing homes?

The answer is simple: yes! And if you already have a forced-air heating system, ductwork, and good insulation, the job’s that much easier. Heat pumps can work with any forced air heating system. Gas, oil, propane, or electric, you’re good.

How are heat pumps installed?

Eastwing has been a leader in heat pumps in Nova Scotia since 2001. Our dedicated, local team of heat pump contractors will size up your home’s needs so that your heat pump installation is simple and done right, no drama necessary. From which system brand to choose, to where to place the outdoor unit, to maximizing your duct system layout, with Eastwing you get a ‘done right the first time’ guarantee from us. Our extended service warranty makes sure you aren’t left high and dry with a system that’s not working exactly as you want. And our All-in-One service model means our team will be with you every step of the way, from start to finish.

Is a heat pump the right choice for my home?

Save yourself a few bucks, and save the planet, too. Heat pumps are an energy and cost-effective way to heat your home. And with routine annual servicing through Eastwing ($179), your heat pump maintenance doesn’t have to be another thing on your ‘to do’ list. From “to do” to ‘it’s done’. That’s our Eastwing promise.

What’s the point of auxiliary heat?

Auxiliary heat is a great feature to have, especially in the wintertime. When the temperature outside drops out of nowhere, auxiliary heat will turn on automatically to heat your home quickly. That way, everyone in your house stays comfortable and happy.

Upgrade your home, and save on heating costs.

Eastwing is Heat Pump Rebate Certified.

You could be eligible for up to $2,500 with Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Heat Pump Rebate program. It’s a win-win for you when the savings start from day one.

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